Mini Makeup Haul

During the week I desided to declutter my makeup collection. There were many products that I didn’t use, didn’t suit me or I had them for a long time (I know gross). So after I saw in what I was lacking of I went to some local shop and got some things.

First I went for foundation. I used to use  l’oreal paris infallible 24h matte foundation but I wanted to try something new so I bought nyx’s stay matte but not flat but I was really disappointed. I have a very oily skin and this didn’t help at all. So I went back to my trusty infallible. By the way I have the shade 20 sand.
Contouring! I never did it right!! When I was about 15 and we had school dances , the only times I wore makeup, I used to do it with a brown shadow. Didn’t care if ti was matte or shimmery. I was brave. I was a fearless clown. Time went by and I finally saw myself in the mirro so I  moved on to bronzer. I love bronzer especially in summer. It’s very easy and it gives a soft glow on my ceeks. But now, while winter is coming , I thought it was about time I start contouring properly. As it is something relatively new I didn’t want to spend to much on it so got catrice prime and fine contouring. The reason I liked it was that the tone was a little ashy and light. The pallet also has a highlighter shade which I’m still afraid to use. I have the light shade, 010 ashy radiance.

The eyes Chico, they never lie! Al Pacino said, it’s all about the eyes. What better way to make them stand out than eyeliner. The one I had dry out so I got a new for catrice calligraph ultra slim eyeliner pen . The one thing I noticed was that the moment I made the line in my hand it immediately turned mat and I couldn’t rub it off.
Let’s start with the fact that I love matte lipsticks. Let’s continue by saying the I love golden rose velvet matte lipsticks. Recently I start wearing liquid lipstick  so naturally I had to try golden rose longstay liquid matte lipstick kissproof. The shades were all amazing but I got the 03 to start. I hope I like them because I really like all the colours.

And last but not least I went to my favourite shop for nail polishes , Dust + Cream. They used to have a line called Kiss Kiss but they stoped selling it, so I got two shades from their new collection:  dipped in syrup and outlaw. In the photos I wear dipped in syrup with on coat it’s incredible. 
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