Make Christmas Gifts Special + DIY

Let’s face it Christmas gifts are kind of necessary. It may not be all about them about it’s the small things that bring joy in your everyday life. So it’ll be a good thing to make gift special for your friends and family.


A handmade detail shows that your character to the present and is something that everyone will appreciate and like. This year I want to keep a minimal-rustic theme for the present wrapping so black fit perfect to it.

 To do this you’ll need:

  • cardstock paper  (here in black)
  • pens (here in silver and gold)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ribbon
I had some black cardstock post paper so I cut it in half. Then I cut the corners as well. It’s not very professional but I like it .
Now it’s time to write your wish. I went with a very typical one in greek.You might want to write first with a pencil and then with the pen, in case of any mistake.
I also outline it to look better. I made small cards and gift tags. For the gift tags I used a hole punch and then I tie it with a ribbon.

For the card I used black cardstock A4. Then I fold the outer parts to the middle. 

It’s time to get creative. You get write and draw whatever you want. I make some gold polka dots on the sides, the quote I chose was «The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.» from Elf. I tried to draw a snowflake but I failed miserably that’s why I hide it in the photo.

Because my drawing skills aren’t great I decide to put some washi tape on the outside. Then I just wrapped it with a gold ribbon.

Book Dedication

Books are the best gift someone can give me and I really like to gift them too. It may be kind of tricky to pick the best one for everyone. You should consider what they like or maybe something that you believe they wanted. But the only thing you can do to make them special is to write a dedication. You can write a wish, a note or a literature quote, from the book you gift or from one you know they love.
Spent Time

Time is one of the most difficult things to find nowadays. But spent time to actually find a present your love ones would like is so precious. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. The best way to do this is thing to remember small details about what the may said they like or bought them something that brings good memories of the time you spent together. So examples are notebooks or keychain with their favourite symbol or the country they really want to visit or you’ve been together, their favourite chocolate bar, a scarf – gloves of their favourite and many other «favourites».

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