Body Mist Collection

I believe that smell is the weirdest scense we have. Just the smell of something can bring back memories and feelings. We even match some people to a certain scent because they were using the same perfume for a long time. But now that the weather is getting warmer you might like some thing more light so here I have my collection of body mists.

This is the latest member in my collection, Gorgeous Fragrance Mist from Victoria Secret. This was a gift from my cousin so I thank her cause she introduce to this amasing selection of mists, and I believe the most famous one. It smells floral but not overly sweet. I thing it’ll perfect for spring. 
My other body mists are from Body Shop. I have three of their collection. I really like the range of scents they have. Also they are very easy to get hold to. This one is the Coconut Body Mist. And I’m sure you’ll be suprised to know that it smells like coconut! So there is nothing better for summer and specially on holidays.

The other one is the White Musk Smoky Rose Fragranse Mist. This was also a gift from my aunt this time. It came it a box with the perfume of the same range. It’s very similar to the Victoria’s Secret one, just the right amount of sweetness. I used to pair it with the perfume but now I tent to wear it on it’s one as well.
The last one is again a gift from my aunt. This is getting ridiculous, my family knows me way to well! Now to the mist. To be honest I may should through it away because the bottle says it lasts 12 months and I have from 4 years. But! It still smells nice so I guess it’s fine! Anyway, it was it a package with other products from the same range which I believe is no longer available. For the record it’s the Apricon & Rice Finishing Mist from  Spa Wisdom Japan, To me it smells christmas. I got it from christmas, I wear it on christmas. That’s why it has lasted so long. It’s my favourite one because it put me on my christmas mood.
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